Why This Race Matters

In 2018, Jennifer Wexton defeated a Republican to flip the seat blue for the first time since the 1980s. However, since then, the seat has shifted more red, especially with redistricting.

Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin came just 2% shy of winning the district in 2021, and Democrats won the district in 2022 by 3% less than they did in 2020 and 2018.

In an announcement of Dan’s entrance into the race, the Washington Post said that “Wexton’s departure makes it more competitive for Republicans,” and Cook Political moved the seat from “Safe Democrat” to “Likely Democrat.”

Virginia has three competitive Congressional seats, with Republicans seeking to flip two open Democratic seats and trying to hold one seat they narrowly won in 2022. Moreover, Democrats are just a few seats shy of regaining the majority and bringing common sense and leadership back to the halls of Congress.

That’s why this seat needs a fighter with a proven record of beating Republicans at the ballot box.

Dan is the only Virginia Democrat who has consistently eviscerated Republicans at the ballot box.

VA-10 was held by Republicans from 1980 until Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton flipped the seat in 2018.
Dan unseated a 17-year Republican incumbent in the General Assembly. It was the first time Democrats ever defeated Republicans in this seat.
Dan won again, outperforming the top of the ticket, even as other seats across the state flipped red.
Dan was instrumental in flipping the House of Delegates blue for the first time in 50 years when Republicans held the governor's mansion.
Dan is the leader we can trust to keep District 10 blue, paving the way for Democratic control of the House of Representatives in Washington. Read more about Dan’s background here.